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  • Is a plan of the festival grounds available?
    The festival plan can be found on the information page.
  • What should I not bring to the festival?
  • Is it possible to leave the site during the festival and return later in the day?
    It is not possible to leave the festival site midway. If leaving the festival site, a new ticket must be purchased to re-enter the festival site.
  • Can I bring a chair?
    Yes, folding chairs with a maximum height (folded) of 55 cm are allowed on the festival site. Folding chairs higher than 55 cm (folded) are NOT allowed.
  • Can I bring a backpack/handbag?
    Please leave backpacks and bags at home if possible. Large backpacks and handbags (higher than 45 cm) are not allowed at the Beach Festival. Please take this into account!
  • Can I bring my own drinks and food?
    Own drinks and food are not allowed on the festival site, unless you can present a doctor's certificate. So if you want to bring your own food and drinks for medical reasons, you must request proof of this from Inter door this form. At the festival you can then enter the festival with that ticket.
  • Are there lockers available?
    Lockers are available at the Beach Festival entrance on the festival grounds. Lockers Medium Low | H25cm x B30cm x D45cm | €9 Lockers Medium | H25cm x B30cm x D45cm | €10 Lockers Extra Large | H50cm x B30cm x D45cm | €15 Visitors will receive a voucher with locker number and code. There is no deposit to pay. Payment method: Lockers are payable by bank or credit card (Maestro/Mastercard/Visa). You can reserve your locker in advance via this link.
  • Are earplugs available at the festival?
    We pay attention to the ears of our Beach Festival visitors. We are aware of the risks of hearing damage caused by too loud music or listening to it for too long. Thanks to the best installations, the sound from the boxes is not only of an acceptable level but also of good quality. The maximum noise threshold is set by law at an average of 100 dB(A) over 60 minutes. This is strictly respected. Earplugs are always available at the entrance and at our information stand.
  • Am I allowed to take photos and film?
    Professional sound, film, video, and photo equipment are not allowed. However, small simple devices without detachable lens and smartphones are welcome at the Beach Festival. Accessories (such as tripods, tripods, selfie sticks, Gopro mounts, etc) are also not allowed.
  • Are the toilets paying?
    No, these are provided free of charge.
  • What happens to lost items?
    Lost keys, wallet, mobile phone, handbag? Not fun, but it can happen sometimes. All lost items will be collected at the info stand at the entrance during the festival. Found something yourself? Feel free to bring it in at the info stand. After the festival, you can collect your found items at the tourist office in Nieuwpoort-Bad. Address: Hendrikaplein 11, 8620 Nieuwpoort.
  • When will the Beach Festival 2024 take place?
    The Beach Festival will take place on Friday 19, Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 July 2024.
  • When will the doors open?
    Friday July 19 | 2:30 PM Saturday July 20 | 1:00 PM Sunday July 21 | 1:30 p.m
  • Where will the Beach Festival 2023 take place?
    The Beach Festival will take place in the Maritime Park near Nieuwpoort Marina, with the iconic lighthouse and numerous sailing boats in the background.
  • How do I get to the Festival Park?
    Cycling or public transport is always a good idea. BY BIKE Use the free bike parking next to the festival park. BY TRAM The closest tram stop is Nieuwpoort Ysermonde. You can reach the festival park on foot (10 min) from the tram stop. Please take a look at the Coastal Tram website for more information. BY CAR Make use of the Beach Festival Parking off New Yachthavenweg. From the Beach Festival Parking you can reach the festival park on foot (30 min). Purchase your parking ticket for €10 per day via Ticketmaster.
  • Is the Beach Festival accessible for people with disabilities?
    The Beach Festival is working with Inter to optimise the accessibility of the festival for people with disabilities. Click here to get more information.
  • What are the house rules?
    You can read the Beach Festival's house rules here.
  • How to get your Drink & Food card?
    Avoid queues at the Drink & Food box offices. Buy your Drink & Food voucher(s) online now, on which you can top up your credit. On site, the card will cost you 1.50 euros; if you order them online in advance, this service is completely free. The Drink & Food voucher(s) you order online in advance can be exchanged for the actual Drinks & Food card at the exchange point on site.
  • Are the Drink & Food vouchers valid for the three festival days?
    Yes. The Drink & Food vouchers are valid on both Friday 19, Saturday 20 & Sunday 21 July 2024. Drink & Food cards from past editions are not reusable at the 2024 edition.
  • What are the payment options?
    No more credit on your Drink & Food card? You do not need to buy a new card, you can reload your Drink & Food card. You can pay with cash at all box offices. At some box offices there is also the possibility to pay by bank or credit card (Maestro/Mastercard/Visa). New! This edition, reloading is with Payconiq. On your Drink & Food card is a Payconiq QR code. Scan it, follow the steps and recharge your card quickly and efficiently from the festival site.
  • Can money be withdrawn at the festival site?
    No, there are no ATM machines on the festival site.
  • Can I get a refund on my Drink & Food card after the festival?
    You can get a full refund(*) after the festival. The service fee for the refund is €3.50 per Drink & Food card. (*) A refund is only possible for amounts paid by the buyer. Credits collected by collecting cups or donated by partners are not eligible for a refund. Refunds can be requested from Tuesday 23rd of July 2024 at 10am until Tuesday 30th of July 2024 at 6pm. The Refund page will be posted online Tuesday 23rd of July 2024 at 10am.
  • Does the Beach Festival provide its own campsite?
    The Beach Festival does not provide its own campsite. However, there are many accommodation options in the vicinity of the Maritime Park. An overview of all possibilities can be found here . Or enquire at the Tourist Offices: toerisme@nieuwpoort.be Nieuwpoort-Bad Tourist Office: Hendrikaplein 11, 8620 Nieuwpoort Tourist Office of Nieuwpoort-City: Marktplein 7, 8620 Nieuwpoort
  • Where can I go for first aid?
    A first aid team will be present during the festival and ready to help you in case of an emergency. Please follow the signage on site.
  • I bought an Early Bird weekend ticket - which days is this ticket valid?
    The Early Bird weekend ticket is valid on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 July 2024.
  • Can I buy VIP tickets?
    Yes, the Beach Festival sells VIP tickets. A VIP-ticket offers you the following advantages: Separate queue at the entrance making it easier to get to the festival site. Access to the Golden Circle area, in front of the stage. Access to the VIP area, a place where you can completely unwind. With VIP Drinks & Food. Access to the seperate VIP toilet area. A VIP ticket includes Access to the festival site 1 parkingticket per day A Drink & Food card (worth 38 euros per day)
  • Can children get free entry?
    The Beach Festival doesn't provide a modified ticket price for children under 12 (=all children born after 18/07/2012). Make sure you can always prove your child's age by means of a Kids-ID. The festival is aimed specifically at an adult audience and no facilities are provided for children. Entry only if accompanied by an adult. Your child's ears are in full development. Please ensure appropriate hearing protection to avoid damage.
  • I have ordered tickets, but I cannot find them (any more) in my mailbox?
    Didn't receive a ticket? First check your spam or 'unwanted mail' folder. No ticket(s) there either? Contact help@ticketmaster.be and they will be happy to help you.
  • Will there still be tickets available at the box office?
    Yes, we will keep tickets aside at the ADD box office. Our golden advice: be sure to be there on time!
  • Where can I buy my ticket(s)?
    Tickets can only be ordered via this website & via ticketmaster.be.
  • Are there special ticket promotions for the purchase of 10 tickets?
  • I did not purchase my Beach Festival ticket via Ticketmaster. How do I arrange the validity of my ticket for the Beach Festival?
    Please contact the ticket seller from whom you purchased your ticket for further follow-up. We cannot stress this enough: always be careful and only buy your tickets through official channels! Tickets purchased through another seller may be forged or invalid and may not give you access to the festival. For more info on the purchase and resale of tickets, please visit ilovemyticket.be or contact the FPS Economy.
  • Can I obtain an invoice of my purchased tickets?
    You can request an invoice of your purchased tickets. You can do this by sending an e-mail to help@ticketmaster.be with the following information: date of ticket purchase, order number of the tickets, number of tickets, name and invoicing details.
  • I contacted the Ticketmaster helpdesk regarding my order but haven't received a response yet.
    The Ticketmaster helpdesk staff is extremely busy. It may take a little longer than usual to get back to you. Thank you for your patience.
  • I can no longer attend due to circumstances. Can someone else use my ticket (the ticket registered in my name)?
    The tickets are scanned by barcode, not by name. So if you cannot attend, someone else may go in your place. Hopefully, we will see you next time!
  • Can I cancel my tickets?
    No, purchased Beach Festival tickets are not exchangeable.
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