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SAT 20 JULY • 2:45pm

Jonas 'Jokke' Van Langendonck (24) is a storyteller pur sang who shares the wisdom of his young life in an understated and metaphorical way.

"For me, storytelling is the essence of music. Combining your own story with that of your surroundings, and the inspiration seen in films and series. Always with the power of simplicity in mind."

It was Ariël Hauspie, his manager, who signed Jokke up for Studio Brussels' ‘Nieuwe Lichting’. Since then, he has been working every day to develop his characterful voice to its full potential. The music he makes today is closer to cabaret, with stories about anything. But with rhythm, melody and influences from his hip-hop career. Where cabaret is often socially critical, Jokke talks more about the everyday problems of our current society. Sometimes he cuts deeper. For instance, his most recent single 'Verdwijnen Is Slechts Een Idee' is a beautiful tribute to a fan who stepped out of life.


Verdwijnen Is Slechts Een Idee

Zit Zat Zot

Leven Om Te Leven

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